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Sculpt & Tone Challenge is an 8-week intensive transformatoin programme designed to completely overhaul your health and fitness.


In a very short amount of time you will learn how to build the habits and routines that are required to get into your best shape yet. 


Diet plays a very big role here, as the ultimate aim of the 8-week process is to shred as much excess fat as possible while retaining as much muscle as as possible. In some cases clients actually manage to build muscle while cutting body fat. 


I did this programme myself during the first Lockdown of 2020. I was so shocked and pleased with my results that I booked a professional photoshoot shortly after so I could document this phase of my life. 


I highly recommend this programme for anyone that has a special event coming up like a holiday or wedding. Anyone that has lost focus and direction with their training. Anyone wanting to hit the ‘reset’ button after a difficult time in their life. Anyone wanting to build confidence. And anyone ready for positive change in their body and mindset.


Like online coaching, this programme is run online, which means you can do it from anywhere in the world at any time. You will receive the same level of support over email and you will be added to an exclusive private community facebook group, only for previous and active members of the transformation programme. Where you can ask questions, post images and videos of food and training and have access to weekly support videos. 


What you get:


- A PDF handbook explaining the process in detail.

- Full nutrition plan that will provide you with food lists and portion sizes. I will then give you an in depth plan specific to you and your daily schedule, guiding you on what to consume for each meal.

- A tailored training plan, designed around your current training experience, training frequency and exercises that you are going to enjoy.

- Full guidance on recommended supplementation.

- Weekly Check-Ins so I can ensure you are on track to achieving your goal. Check-ins will also allow me to make any adjustments to your plan and ensure you keep moving forward.

- Full access to my Online Coaching Mobile APP, which will house all of the above in one place. On the app you will be provided with full exercise demonstrations and easy access to plans/check-in forms.

- Daily support via WhatsApp for any concerns, questions or guidance. As a coach, I will be there to support you the whole way. Having the accountability from myself will be a game changer to ensure your progression is next level. 

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