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Leading from the front, I decided to put myself through the process during the first lockdown of 2020. I had lost motivation and the pounds were beginning to pile on. I need to a new goal to focus on to get myself out of a whole mentally and physically.

I shocked myself with the results I was able to achieve whilst doing just home workouts, while balancing being a dad and running a business!


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It was amazing to participate in the 8 week body transformation challenge that Kalvyn was running, it was exactly what I needed to regain focus on my fitness and nutrition to help lose the body fat gained over winter and lockdown. He was fantastic with the advice on nutrition and coaching to help achieve my goal! I would highly recommend working with him either online or in person, whatever your goal!


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I’d starter training in the gym with Kalvyn from early January 2020 to get back in shape after a ‘good’ Christmas, and wanting to start the Year building on my regular workouts of the previous year. We made good progress and then Covid-19 hit.

I tried ‘at home’ workouts and was in great shape until end of Summer of last year when the stress of work, my side hustle, winter and Covid just meant I chose indulgent food/alcohol more and exercise less using the run up to Christmas as the excuse.

I picked up again with Kalvyn at the end of 2020 after I realised bad habits had crept in and the balance needed to be reset again, so I used the New Year as the defining point to kickstart that on the #28daychallenge. Plus, I wanted to make the best of lockdown 3.0 and I was so inspired by his results! My goal was to shed the fat I’d gained over those 4ish months (about 7lbs) and set new healthy habits that would take me to a point of body confidence in the future.

I never expected to be able to achieve what I did in the time that I did it in. I lost 4lbs scale weight, but my body measurements and pictures reflected a bigger win than that - when combined with my muscle tone (which weighs more than fat as we know)! I think the combination of structure, accountability, feedback and knowing which resistance movements to do to trigger all muscle groups over the week made sure every area was focussed on my goal.

Then I could focus on adherence, sleep, and water etc. I respond well to structure and framework and so this gave me something I could follow and get a sense of achievement from. I was so pleased and proud of myself with what I achieved in the time, and it’s allowed me to press ‘reset’ on those bad habits that had crept in. I’m also now at a new level of awareness of understanding about nutrition, macros and workouts which is allowing me to manage my weight and tone up more effectively.

I was so encouraged by what I’d achieved in 4 weeks, I wanted to push myself and see what I can achieve in 8, and I’m very excited to see the outcome. 100% recommend!! Seeing what Kalvyn achieved prompted me to get back to working with him. And I see my fitness goals evolving even more positively as I continue to do so :)


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