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My online coaching is a fantastic opportunity for those that want the results of my face-to-face client base, but are unfortunately unable to physically get to me week in week out.


Like personal training, it is vitally important that we still have and maintain face-to-face interaction to build a good relationship. This is achieved over weekly Zoom calls or WhatsApp video. 


After the initial consultation, I am able to deliver comprehensive training and nutritional plans via email and through my client app. Progression is monitored closely through weekly check-ins, allowing me to feedback to you with any adjustments necessary for you to implement for the following week.


Online training isn't for everybody, you have to be self motivated, organised and disciplined. It helps if you have some experience in the gym or lifting weights, but this is not essential for you to get results. 


You do however get all the unlimited support and guidance you need from me throughout. We manage what we measure, the more detailed your check-ins are, the more thorough and specific I can be with your feedback. Once you get in the swing of reporting back to me with your progress your results will snowball as far as you wish to take them.


What you get:


- Full nutrition plan that will provide you with food lists and portion sizes. I will then give you an in depth plan specific to you and your daily schedule, guiding you on what to consume for each meal.

- A tailored training plan, designed around your current training experience, training frequency and exercises that you are going to enjoy.

- Full guidance on rest days with an emphasis on recovery protocols, recommended supplementation and how to approach rest day nutrition.

- Weekly Check-Ins so I can ensure you are on track to achieving your goal. Check-ins will also allow me to make any adjustments to your plan and ensure you keep moving forward.

- Full access to my Online Coaching Mobile APP, which will house all of the above in one place. On the app you will be provided with full exercise demonstrations and easy access to plans/check-in forms.

- Daily support via WhatsApp for any concerns, questions or guidance. As a coach, I will be there to support you the whole way. Having the accountability from myself will be a game changer to ensure your progression is next level.

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