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Personal Trainer | Online Coach


Proud father of two. Personal Trainer. Online Coach. Blackbelt in Tae-kwon-do. All-round Creative.


As a child I struggled with my weight and confidence massively and was bullied as a result. At age 16, I began lifting weights and gradually my life began to improve. 


As my knowledge and experience for training and nutrition expanded, so did my understanding of my body's needs and wants. Through my own personal growth and development, a passion inside me was ignited to help and inspire others achieve their health and fitness goals. 


Over the last 4 years I have been perfecting my craft, working with many clients face-to-face on the gym floor and online, building a strong portfolio of results.

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Train with me face-to-face and learn how to execute movements with precision and purpose. Create new habits with your mindset, training, nutrition and build the foundations for long-lasting results.


1-to-1 coaching from anywhere in the world. Daily support via WhatsApp and weekly video calls giving you the accountability and direction you need to ensure you to reach your goals, whether it be for an upcoming event or a much needed lifestyle change.


A unique body transformation programme designed to achieve your best possible physique in only 8-weeks. Learn how to shred excess fat and build lean muscle, unleashing your full potential.



I did Kalvyn’s 8 week challenge and I am definitely happy with the results! I had a goal to tone up and lose belly fat which you can see in my photos, I achieved.

I had been going to gym classes for a while and my progress had plateaued, not seeing much difference in my weight or appearance. After seeing the notice in the gym I thought it was the best chance to change my fitness routine and it’s definitely been something I can carry on after the challenge has finished.

I have a different perspective on food and have a bank of workouts I can use on my own (in the gym and at home) so I would definitely recommend his training :) Thanks Kalvyn !!!!




Start your journey NOW and download my 5-step formula to lose stubborn belly fat... 
"Proven method guarantees results in 28 days (without cutting foods you love and sacrificing your social life)"

Here's what you get:

- The solution to losing fat and maintaining your ideal weight.

- Why cutting foods you love will NOT work long-term.

- How to be build confidence and maintain a toned body with a busy social life!

- INSTANTLY get rid of belly fat, even if you think you don't have time.

- Learn the steps you can follow to wear clothes you love.

- Eliminate needless stress over body confidence for LIFE!


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